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Chamber filter presses:
Our filter presses provide tangible benefits including long service life and minimum maintenance requirements-benefits which improve your bottom line performance! Standard filter presses are available with plate sizes 470, 630, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm. Custom sizes are available on demand!

Kammerfilterpresse KFP 630 mit Plattentransport Kammerfilterpresse KFP 470
Kammerfilterpresse KFP 630 Kammerfilterpresse KFP 470, Fahrbar
Filter presses provide physical liquid-solid separation in a wide variety of industrial processes.

The suspension to be filtered is transferred by an infeed pump into the filter chambers where it presses against the liquid-permeable filter medium. Solids retained on the filter medium accumulate, forming the filter cake. As the filter cake grows, it provides the filtration action to an ever-greater extent, taking over from the filter medium.


The location of solids retention shifts during the filtration process. At first, solids are retained on the surface of the medium and later within the volume of the filter cake.


The position and direction of the suspension infeed can be configured in accordance with users' requirements. In certain cases, process considerations call for decentralized or corner infeed as opposed to the more commonly used central infeed configuration.


Filtrate take-off can be realized by conventional open or closed outlet systems and/or drip-tight plate designs.
Kammerfilterpresse KFP 800 Kammerfilterpresse KFP 630
Kammerfilterpresse KFP 800 mit Plattentransport Kammerfilterpresse KFP 470
In conventional chamber filter presses, the infeed pump transfers the suspension during the entire filtration cycle. At the start of the cycle, the volume flow rate is high due to the low pressure drop across the filter medium. As the filter cake increases in thickness, the volume flow rate decreases due to increased pressure drop.

Hybrid Filter presses / Membrane Filter presses in Standard Plate Sizes from 470x470 to 1200x1200 mm 
Kammerfilterpresse KFP 470 Kammerfilterpresse KFP 470 mit Schutzhaube Kammerfilterpresse KFP 470

Hybrid filter presses and membrane filter presses provide a different type of filtration process than chamber filter presses in terms of the filling operation, cycle times and filtration capabilities.

In this process the infeed pump is used for filling only. Squeezing of the filtrate through and out of the filter cake is done by membranes.

Membrane filtration technology is a problem-solver for many suspensions which cannot be filtered with the traditional technology of chamber filter presses.

The first chamber-membrane filter press was delivered by Hans Kübler way back in the mid-1970s.

The process provides significant benefits including:


  • shorter cycle times
  • higher dry solids content in the filter cake
  • reduced wear
  • lower performance requirents (= lower price) of infeed pump 
  • optimum filter cake washing capability

Filter Presses with Protective Surface Coatings

We can supply filter presses with surface coatings – e.g. stainless steel, conductive polyethylene (PE) – in accordance with your specific requirements.   

Kammerfilterpresse VFP 630, Edelstahlüberzogen Kammer-Membran-Filterpresse KMFP 800-ATEX

Filter Presses with Automatic Plate shifting system  
All JKF filter presses 630 x 630 mm size or larger can be equipped and supplied with a semiautomatic or automatic plate shifting system if required.
Safety systems are required in such cases as well in accordance with the degree of automation implemented.
Along with our service-proven plate stroke system we have developed a retrofittable plate stroke system for problem-free upgrading of existing or old machines.



Kammerfilterpresse KFP 800 mit Plattentransport Kammerfilterpresse KFP 800 mit Plattentransport

Kammerfilterpresse KFP 1200 mit Plattentransport

In the event you have any questions concerning waste water treatment, filter presses, dewatering/filtration technology and/or related topics, please call us at +49 / 7231 / 15427-0 or contact us via email:

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