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Welcome to JKF GmbH & Co. KG Kübler Filtration Technology!
Kammerfilterpresse KFP 800 mit Plattenttransport    Filterpresse KFP 1200 mit 100 Kammern
We design and manufacture filter presses, wastewater treatment systems and other components used in filtration and wastewater treatment for industrial and commercial applications. We have nearly 50 years of experience in these fields

We configure and fabricate your filter press and components in accordance with your specific application needs.
Design of our filter presses and processing systems is carried out using state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems. We are DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified and are also certified as a specialist supplier in compliance with Germany's stringent WHG (Water Conservation Act) regulations.

In our in-house laboratory, engineers and technicians conduct trials evaluating flocculation and filtration methods and other process development for our customers, free of charge.

JKF is your specialist supplier for turn-key system solutions comprising filter presses, filtration technology, waste water treatment and related systems. We manufacture in our own production facility covering some 1200 m² floorspace in Pforzheim / Germany. Direct supply from the manufacturer streamlines communication and eliminates middle-man costs. 
Quality - made in germany!

We supply a wide variety of process equipment for liquid-solid separation including:

Filter presses (with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic plate displacement):
 - Chamber filter presses, hybrid filter presses, membrane filter presses
 - Filter presses for wine making (VarioFilterPress®)
 - Custom filter presses and mobile filter presses
 - Automatic filter presses  

Pre-thickening systems:
Lamella (inclined-plate) clarifiers, conical ("Dortmund-style”) sedimentation tanks 
Feeding systems:
Pneumatic diaphragm pumps / progressive cavity pumps / piston diaphragm pumps / peristaltic pumps 
Batch-operated wastewater treatment Systems: 
Manually operated compact batch Systems with bag filter, band filter or filter press. Delivered with preinstalled piping 
Other products and services for wastewater treatment:
 - Maintenance and overhaul of filter presses, including those from other manufacturers
 - Optimization of overall process configuration for pretreatment and filter press operations 
 - Wear parts and consumables such as filter fabrics, nonwovens, etc.
- "JKF-Flock" reactive separating agents 
In the event you have any questions concerning waste water treatment, filter presses, dewatering/filtration technology and/or related topics, please call us at +49 / 7231 / 15427-0 or contact us via email:
zugelassener Fachbetrieb
nach WHG / TÜV Süd

Qualitätsmanagement nach
DIN ISO 9001:2008

JKF GmbH & Co. KG
Freiburger Straße 7
75179 Pforzheim
Telefon: 07231 - 15427-0
Telefax: 07231 - 15427-49


JKF GmbH & Co. KG Kübler Filtrationstechnik ~ Freiburger Straße 7 ~ 75179 Pforzheim ~ Telefon: 07231 15427-0 ~ Telefax: 07231 15427-49 ~ eMail: